Ring of kerry challenge

First some non bike stuff

Been pushing my computer abit hard lately playing LOTRO, crap buildup on the cpu heat sink didn’t help stability. bought new quad core components anyway, as this one is quite old now .
Windy weather the week or two ago blew over the poor suffering cbr6, no damage thankfully.

busa and sarah looking well, sarah just finished her first mini marathon. 1h40mins

To the bikes! made it to killarney on sunday and off loaded the honda 50.

the cbr6 tucked up for the day after quite a cold 50 mile spin down.

tried to get a pic of last years team cider bike (on the right here) both bikes are quite sticked up.

Yep somebody really did ride this thing the whole way..

This look like massive fun, suzuki rear end yamaha dt front?

loving the unintentional red white and blue paint job.

O’carrols cove, stopped here for an ice-cream, passing everything out on a honda 50 is so much fun when we got to the head of the convey we’d stop, wait and then pass them all again 🙂

the race bike went great 55mph down hill out of a draft, spent the whole day hunched over the bars ekking out a few mph over everyone else,. the pirelli tyres were great for going around the outside of anything and the ebay shocks meant for a honda dax transformed the handling, it would have been quite boring without other people on similar bikes to play with. Next year i might go on the tuk tuk, or build my own honda fifty on the cheap .

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