Parts are here!

and well bloody wrapped they are.

PWK copy 24mm, look at the meat left over, could bore that out at a later date.

We now have three rs250’s dotted about the house…

Racing rs125, it’s actually so nice, stuff the rotax 257 in it and it would be a dream.

We have a new dog: Busa. he’s a whippet and in quite a bad state. Nothing 114 euros worth of pills and injection can’t sort.

The pictures don’t show much, he’s got mange, scabies, pressure sores (we hope!) and his tail looks like it might have to go. If your brave here are some before pics : in a months time there should be some much better after pics.


In other news, i upgraded the laptop to ubuntu 11.04, holy shit it’s useless, what the hell is it these days with replacing simple text with unintelligible icons? i know it a beta and all that but i can’t stand it, didn’t mind when canonical first swapped the window management buttons around it was actually a good idea grouping more of your controls in the upper left of the screen, but this is jump in the wrong direction. So all my computers are finally debian now.


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  • Sam says:

    I’m jealous of your bike collection, and the dog! Also, did you know that you can set 11.04 to use ‘Ubuntu Classic’ i.e. normal Gnome. Just go into the ‘Login Screen’ settings. I’m considering switching to Debian again though, probably with Gnome 3.

  • TerraRoot says:

    cheers mate,the change to debian was a long time coming, this unity thing just gave me the nudge 🙂 I’ve finished playing with computers, it’s all work now, don’t care about bleeding edge toys anymore. Three years between release’s? perfect.
    The bikes, its easy to have many many piles of bits resembling bikes!
    Busa, is doing great (and well he should for all the money i’ve spent at the vets!) still looks scabby flakey and tatty (hard to pull off that look but he manages) but has tons of energy now and is much more alert.

    Sorry i didn’t see you comment sooner, gotta sort wordpress’s notification setup out
    p.s. pity about your bros, the sv605’s dodgy low speed behavior is probably from the restriction kit, just go faster!

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