More runner shenanigans

shenanigans is in the spell checkers!?

Went for a short spin to kinsale yesterday, perfect coz it’s raining today 🙂

Piston is well fooked, even the gudgeon pin was damaged.

Barrel however has survived! if it don’t survive being ported and decked to within .02mm of it life, i’ll swap the whole top end for a malossi 172 then but for now it means i have more money in the budget for other toys 🙂

Like a 24mm PWK flatside carb (37% bigger then the original 20.5mm dellorto) along with a stage6 reed valve and stage6 manifold too. When they get here i’ll go hunting for a kart airbox to suit, Foam filters and rain are not a good mix.

I promise myself a PM5* pipe if i get a proper job!


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