Today was a good day.

Turned up at the shed today to find ted is now busy with plenty of interesting work. Slightly confused at  first, why the hell is seans rs250 bike painted blue?

cable operated disc brake, eep!

I MUST get a test ride off this elsie

I promise not to do any wheelies!

Anyway to work, remember the cb1100r in the shed? owner of it is painting the tank for nothing more then cost 🙂

the tank will match the chinese plastic i bought, hopefully we can save the nice embossed S sticker.

busa fuel pump and sender

poped it back in so i can remember what way it goes back together 🙂 once the busa is gone i can afford nice things like tdr250 expansion pipes..

Shot of the size of my side of shed now

the light comes in here, no the door doesn’t actually work.

Borrowed a honda 300 and took a slow ride down to nab’s, an excellent end to the day.


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