well that was a nice race

well the 2012 race regs are out tomorrow at 8am, seems the bikes next year have to be 100% standard, no fun ūüôĀ AND i can’t afford to, to find all those plastics and little fiddly bits to make a standard bike for racing? poo

Went back to the 50 head, pretty basic, made 3rd place tho, first place guys did a legger asap very suspicious.

The wilsons 90, nearly won.

‚ā¨40 inner rotor kit, works well.

got more of the jeep done, tca’s had to come out to fit the leg, grr.

off to the race’s

provisions consists of home made cider

sarge swapped the ‚ā¨3500 gold wing sidecar for this pile.

can you see whats wrong with this rectifier?

May still be hope for an endurance race at watergrasshill, hope theres a silhouette class.

Also starting work experience next week, want the money but don’t want the work lol

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