Christmas break work.

This scene last year was a mini glacier.

Cleaned up the 32mm carbs, fitted needles which richend the top end and left in the 210 jets.

Bastard throttle cable is near impossible, but i got it

Found a better fuel filter and slotted that in too.

Knew this things are restricting the engine and since i found out where our stash of jets were hidden, they got the chop.


Now all i need is some free time, fuel and dry roads to take it for a test spin. And to figure out where the throttle cable is meant to be routed.

The runner needs some love, so i found it a mirror

And since i got 11.42litres/100km(25mpg!! i may have stolen some fuel at some point i forget) decided to change the clutch springs, the green polini ones are great for a quick get away but i have to use plenty of throttle to keep the bike doing 50k, hence the suspicion that their causeing the crap fuel economy. Also they fit like shit which is i hope the reason for the weird shoe wear pattern.

I was going fit the old ones but I’ve lost the feckers, so i fitted the malossi race ones, which were a much more reasonable poundage and better shaped. Even managed to get em in single handed this time.

Test ride revealed a tiny amount of bog off the line and only once at that, if it still drinks the fuel it must be the rollers, which will make me sad since the buzz from the acceleration is awesome.

Back to FAS tomorrow, but at least the summers on it’s way.

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