damn you ice!

busa fairings: got 100gbp back so i will try and paint either the tank or the front farings to match. eventually.

Today was finaly a bit warm. last night i put the helmet on in antipation of a ride and it felt very very good! been off the bike so long now that when i put on the boots this morning i had to resize the straps, my calfs have gotten bigger with all the walking. I’m sick of walking.

Though i’d have a play with the bike since it’s been neglected for so long, swapped on a matching front tyre, old one a completely different profile.

Gave the wheel a quick degrease, absolute pita, why did i bother?

Ice claims another hose nozzle thing.

And back in one piece, much more neutral handling, off for a spin and i break my arai’s little plastic visor lock, what am i getting for christmas? 🙂

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