mikuni oil pump

Right sorting the oil pump leak, it seems to be coming from the spindle (which later i found out was a cam) so i figured there must be a seal on that, that isn’t working.

The plate/arm for the cable off here, can move the cam in and out a bit.

I know nobody can see it(phone cam), but this is what has happened, the top plate has a little finger on it that push’s the back of the cam in. That finger is worn quite a bit, hence that cam can come out and oil gets past the seal. Simple’s. No idea how to fix it though make another top plate with a new finger? finding a second-hand or even a new one is not easy.

grey sludge from the gearbox, No shops open today so I left it there to go find a new pump on the net. No luck so far.



  • Steve says:

    must be a spare oil pump in the box of bits that came with the bike?

  • TerraRoot says:

    Nope, i looked, none on ebay either, may make a new top cover with a new finger that might work.

  • Steve says:

    found two air scoops for the side of the fairings there tonight when i was tidying and i also found the info about the previous registered owner etc….

  • TerraRoot says:

    sweet, txt me his info, better get my butt in gear if i’m gonna be driving this thing soon. Oil pump leak seems to be cured for the moment.

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