Jago Geep brakes

But first Kittens!

That ginger bastard kept clawing my back every time i turned ūüôā

So to the shed, finally started the tear down of the front suspension of the jago.

the black ones are grp4 top spring mounts, far to big for mine which as you can see i only have one of.

The legs are different! first the rear leaves now this!, I think this one is a spurious replacement from back in the day, it’s quite good, how ever the older leg need a rebuild with fresh oil,¬†research¬†says i should go with 5wt or 10wt oil, no idea how much i actually need to put in yet.

M16 calipers, fuck there heavy, and quite rusted, if i can make em work for free, I’ll use them if not it’s splash the cash time and some wilwoods will¬†appear, shouldn’t mind spending money on brakes.

Wanted the dust shields off, of course only one bolt out of six actually came out, rest were cut off.

Even different springs!, the right one is much longer even with a ring broken off! glad i bought a fresh set ūüėÄ

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