XTDR250, rear mounts done.

Inner mount tack welded in.

Outer mount weled up beatifully.

Then it went a bit wrong, welded the inner mount outside in the bright sun and it was a fine weld just a bit tow much to the mount side rather then in the middle.

Outer mount bolted in with two m8’s, this is so we can take the engine in and out with the solid subframe.

Inner mount all welded back again properly, lot’s of heat went into it so it bent a tiny bit. worried that it was bent all over the place so i chucked the engine into the frame to check alignment.

Held up the front with rope and lo! the chain run was fine 😀

standard tzr250 pipes are not gonna work

Not a lotta space for a high up rad. low rad will catch a lotta crap from the front wheel.

Looks like it could wheely away forever.

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  • choco says:

    Thats looks mean, with the tank and stuff on. Plus its gona make the right noise 🙂 cool project man!!!!!

  • TerraRoot says:

    Will be excellent on our bumpy back roads, thinkin about the pipes, looks like i have to find two tdr125 pipes and cut n’ rotate the left hand one.

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