XTDR250, clamped in jig.

Other day i chopped off the this badly welded on foot peg. Haven’t put it back on yet.

Today i turned up with this, now i can use the very powerful pillar drill to make holes in my 6mm thick steel 🙂

Missing this spacer, probably gonna have to make a new one.

Engine all blocked up and level, frame now clamped at the rear.

used two blocks of wood to make sure the engine was aligned properly to the frame, will change these for some thing smaller later, gotta get the engine further back.

I needed the rear wheel on so i could sort the chain run, that made the rear very heavy so i put the front wheel on too, this reveled that the chassis wasn’t quite on the level so i raised the front of the engine again so it should be level in the frame when it’s finally on its wheels.

Cute little clamps i bought ages ago coming in handy.

Used a front spacer temporally on the back to align the wheel.

now gotta find out what squat i need, at the moment the axle to the sprocket is 10cm and the sprocket up to the squat line is 3cm, once the static sag is taken up  that 3 cm will drop quite a lot so i gotta figure out what exactly i need before i start welding.

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