XTDR250, appetites back!

zipping around on the runner 180 and has brought back my mojo, must get bigger faster harder two-stroke!

First rescue rear axle from seans stalled rd400, after i had gotten it out it looked a little similar to a tzr axle, since we only have one xt350 axle that would be handy if they were the same

Slot axle into second xt350

And haul out, looks a little low in the seat area for my idea of a hard core off road tdr, aww well, it’ll still be fun though.

this yamaha cruiser thing (bloody cruisers!) came up with a dead battery, got it started and everything seemed ok… then it seized repeatedly, an engine that won’t turn seems a lot like a flat battery. bloody cruisers.

Right frame on the table and with the help of the rolling bike i got it level.

Was gonna use the other bike but it looks like some sort of wierd acid rain left blotchs of rust on the whole arse of the bike

By comparision, just have to fix this and she’ll be right! (well appart from the welded on right footpeg, will have to work around that)

Had to have a sit on one to see what their like, it’s just like my old xl250r paris-dakar ‘cept a bit lower, that xl was brilliant on bumpy back roads.

Right on to real work chopped off the the xt’s down tube and chopped in half the farmers tzr subframe. Now i can slide the engine back in up and down all i want

Will have to pull the top of the brake pedal out a bit to get the engine further back.

Done for the day, little too much procrastination going on but at least i got something done.

The sprocket is 2cm further forward then then on the xt350 engine, probably can shorten that to 1cm when i mod the brake pedal, other then that it’s not too bad width wise, the kicker probably won’t work and the gear change is gonna need a linkage, just hope a set of tdr pipes will fit without melting the seat or clouting the tank.

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