More busa cleaning and more bloody cruisers.

Started today by going out and getting the welder back from sarges garage, the tuk tuk will have to wait until we get the metal.

Finally did the rear brake pads, and then while I was at it I fixed the tank protector on properly and clean the right hand side of the bike (didn’t wanna get too over worked)

then went on to niki’s bike, plug was blown from running to rich, so the choke cable was unstuck and..

the air filter cleaned. took a fair bit of head scratching to figure it all out but we wanted to make sure that the blown plug wasn’t from over tight tappets or any thing. engine smokes a bit now but then it does have 57000km on the clock.

Ass of the jago is off the ground, it’s really tall. crazy chassis mods needed?

Rescued these from behind the garage, the gsxf is mine now.

Then i went home just as it started raining my my (half) clean busa 🙁

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