Tuk tuk, more work

Finally got the metal and the welder in the same place, pissed rain tho.

Got one crappy patch done.

that took all day, rust is very hard to weld to.

Next day we tried to flip it fully over to do more welding.

Much closer inspection and i’ve decided to skip to plan 1.1 and make new frame rails from the headstock to a good section of the chassis, I don’t trust that I can make the neck strong enough with out basically replacing the whole front end of the chassis, much of it is triple plated sheet and i can’t be sure that the sheet in the middle is any good and hence structurally sound, after all I’m hardly gonna just cruise around I’ll be totally flat out just trying to keep up with traffic. Measured up the fx400r engine, looks like it will be sticking out the back by about the length of whatever diff I find, so probably at worst 10″ which we can live with.



  • Steve says:

    Picture 3 is whats going to happen with the fx400r engine sitting 10″ out the back…….

  • TerraRoot says:

    only if sarge is in the back aswell…..

  • choco says:

    Try and take some pics of seans and teds projects iswell. Did you offer up the 400 engine to the tuk tuk yet? how much does it weigh?
    It has to be a screaming two stoke for that tuk tuk. gilera 180 engine? old rotax engine?????

  • TerraRoot says:

    ted and sean have jobs enough, hence they can’t do as much as i can 🙂

    tuk tuk should weight 300kg, thats the only spec i can find on the net, feels alot lighter, perhaps its max net weight? 400 engine fit’s perfect if the drive shafts could go through the crank, so it’ll be stuck out the back by the same length as the nose on what ever diff i find, gotta get a tiny diff, perhaps off a something like 4wd swift.
    agree it would be nice with two-stroke, but i just want it to be different.

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