bajaj re 2s

Well, i bought this, worth it for the log book alone, but it will go back on the road pretty much as is since it only has 114km on the clock we’ll use it till it pops. it’s powered by a vespa px150 so that’ll be easy to pick up and throw away, stage two will see a tzr250 engine slotted in, but first the stage one plan. Weld up the holes, fit  better brake lines (the originals depend on the steel pipes bending with the suspension) new tyres and we’ll see where that gets us.

The space tyre is nice eh? only 13 years old, take 50 psi too, its probably a trailer tyre. Maybe some atv wheels might fit..


The big hole, think we’ll re route the cables outside the channel to help with welding and repairs. Will be replacing the hole with at least 1mm thick sheet, maybe 1.2 gotta measure things up

Probably could replace this end with a vespa aftermarket disc braked front. the drums are fine but not the cable operated ones.

long bar there is for the starter handle, wanna keep that, works quite well and is a unique feature (also it would break sarge wailing on the handle with a 250cc engine 🙂  )

tub really does look like a mini jeep don’t it? if i could find a quad… Also reckon i’ll paint “to scared to drive it” under the sign and leave it as is

Can’t quite tell but the engine may bolt off the diff/box which would be great for stage two, could keep reverse with the tzr250 engine. Diff needs welding up.

plan is to weld a large Y section from this head stock back to the rail in front of the engine, it will stiffen up the chassis and provide a good place to sit.

smoke! it lives! phew somebody put two stroke in the petrol.

Most important thing about this is that it is insurable on a bike policy, which is hugely useful for sarge and even me, no separate policy’s and our no claims bonus stands.

Also got back my cbr6, so the rebuild of that starts in earnest tomorow, once iv’e gotten the jago onto four wheels thinks I’ll start on the bajaj then, xtdr350 will have to wait a bit more.

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  • Wilfred says:

    I’m looking for a 2 stroke engine for my bajaj tuktuk. Do you know something?.
    Thank you very much

  • TerraRoot Lande says:


    the engine is vespa px150, plenty of parts around the internet. the gearbox final drive part is unique to bajaj afaik.
    hope thats helps!

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