useless extra wheels

Raggin around on that quad today, i mostly had it on two wheels all the time, it didn’t worry me like i thought it would, very smooth transition from 4 to 3 to 2 wheels. Actually it was quite enjoyable.

So that got me thinking again about trike design’s. I’ve always thought that the converted bike types were way to high and would just tip over at the wrong moment, but now?

These are too tall, but i think that the transition on to 2 wheels (lifting the inner) wouldn’t be so bad, might actually be fun, and if i fit super narrow tyres their won’t be enough side grip to lift the wheel also the other problem is the weight is too far forward, CoG needs to be between the rear wheels if i wanna go around a corner at more then 5mph so although moving the engine is lots of work i could move my self way back over the rear axle along with the tank and battery. It sounds like a compromise but i don’t think it’s so bad and i now have a spare cbr to play with 😀 If i design the rear wheel to lift in corners i can do away with a diff and keep the rear axle simple by making it (like a quad) non tilting. Might bash me about a bit on really bumpy roads so I’ll make the foot boards really low so i can stand up easily and move with the bumps.

Fabric roof and a pillar less windscreen, won’t need the jago then, that’ll sell quite well cos of the escort parts, still gonna finish the jago first.

Reverse trikes, awesome looks, awesomely scary when the rear tyre rolls to it edge causing massive oversteer. awesome brown and black streaks.

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