Rg125f Disassemble

Literally dug this out on my hols, gotta get a better hobby.

Made it to the trailer, tyres keep air in them!

Engine so not healthy

Tank, yeah that was fucked ten years ago when i put it in that ditch.

Made it to my house!

On the plus side, the exhaust does not have any holes it shouldn’t have!

Piston, well it’s still there..

Total restoration,

horrible isn’t it? not the spider he’s cool.

CDI seems to be one of the good ones. 32900-19d90, well it was quick enough when i did run.

Do i need half this shit back here?

I don’t need all this shit in the airbox

🙁 revg250 34mm carb is dead

So dead.

alrite boss

that was cracked years ago too, lost the head bolt and the vibes cracked it.

this tank is magnificent

Gonna install a PC in to it, of course.

Lighter rear, more may come of, gotta save weight this bitch weight 125KG dry!

I broke no bolts getting to this part, no Suzuki bolts anyway.

This is the only damage i can find after the crash that put this bike into the hedge for ten years, bike is over built.

And we’re stuck, swingarm axle needs heat and a much bigger hammer to move it,

rescued the petrol cap!

Spare part hunt turned up 5 cylinders, at least two of them are 22d0 vj22 cylinders, those should be the best for power.

Many carbs, i think two are 32mm carbs and the rest 34mm, didn’t have time to measure.

GSX600F front wheel, took it off for another project, but might do for this.

GSX600F disc’s, not to my taste but probably the right diameter .

GSX600F calipers also should fit, may fit them because they are smaller/lighter


SO many ideas to tune the engine, think i can get a solid 30bhp at the rear wheel, most of the ideas revolve around better head and squish, better cooling the piston so i can run more advance.

will post what i do here, when i decide what i want to do!

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