bad luck, getting a puncture at speed.

good luck, finding a half spent can of tyre repair at the closest petrol station.

bad luck, hole in the tyre is too big.

good luck, not having to go to work tonight šŸ˜€

tomorrows gonna be hard, what the frag am i going to fix? sort the busa? the runner? 10 year old spare cbr6 tyre? star trek like transport system for pizza’s? wouldn’t be such a pain if there was a tyre repair place open…..

the snow in london

I think this one should be titled “desperate search for a shitter”

Excel bike pics

thats all folks

london excel show

last thursday i made up a really heavy battery box, not had the time to finsh becasue i’ve had to goto london

To have some pizza.

steve and ronan were very happy about the pizza, bit to happy if you ask me…

So we went and got some pics of bikes to cheer me up šŸ™‚

post them later when i have a better net connection.

Jobs over

Made about 70 baskets and they were all gone in one night. spine is wrecked from bending over them.

This cbr6 is looking like it will never return to the road in a nice condition, so fingers crossed i get my paws on it and turn it into a dual sport for theĀ MongolianĀ trip..

Today i put the 115 main jet in the runners PWK carb, couldn’t take it for a spin since i didn’t have any rain gear, but loading it on the rear brake and a quick spin on the gravel out to the back and there was no bogging and felt like there was a lot more power to, didn’t sound ‘wet’ or rich so finger crossed for the classic spin this sunday.

hopefully more updates soon, not a lot done recently.

stuffed fluff

Well, been looking at this nsr50 tank,could stuff it under the arse of the cbr6/motard project, bit bulky, more dakar spec then supermotard.

This one i’m not allowed to cut up šŸ™

Works going well, what? you wanted pictures of the girls im working with rather then these lovely baskets? perverts! (i approve lol)

NikisĀ unintentionalĀ rat bros, i think it rocks.

Chinese three wheelers and tdr bits

While searching for tdr parts i spied this at GMC

It’s got some tiny probably 250cc water cooled shaft drive engine

but some awesome harley grips, a tape player, a sun roof, and air con! (a leccy fan hanging off the ceiling)

the doors with winding windows did not interest me at all ohno, live axle drift awesome!

Anyway back to work, we got this running bent framed tdr for ā‚¬400

to match this dead pile of poop with good frame and dead engine

yesterday i got the good engine out, and repaired the dodgy loom, branded the tip of my finger on a hot earth washer lol


Not sure i like the small and click able images,Ā thoughts?


New play things

This toy is being stored at out place, as payment we get rag it on trackdays, nice 6 pot ap brakes and a maxton rear shock, also a massive dent in the frame an a piece of wood for the seat. Much better then paying money to get the gsxf600 track ready.

AĀ mate of a mate bought this for 300, tyres brakes and suspenders all look okay, plastics are horrible, but the engine, christ, it’s fooked, the only thing i think is not fooked is the gearbox and thatsĀ becauseĀ iĀ couldn’tĀ ride it with with the water pouring into the cases at a rate of Ā litres per second The windings might be okay too but i can’t tell since the rev counter is dead. the water pump is surround by goo and there are loads of bolts and i mean vital bolts missing out of the engine. Some right ejit was playing at mechanic fixed nothing and made it a whole lot worse. tools.

Nice day, wasn’t it?

Same guy who bought that pita LC, bought this but was actually ok, just needed every single bolt tightened up and the clutch lever was fixed so the clutch could be adjusted properly.

150cc engine all aluminium frame massive brakes and pretty good suspension, head stock felt a little loose and the front tyre felt like the profile was too flat. I’d have one with a two stroke engine.

chopped all this up to make my computer table, will screw it together tomorrow.

Half fixed the rusty rear end of the tuktuk, will finish fixing it by continuing the chopping around the corner until it’s all solid.

A lesson

So we went to the tall ships a while back..

I took a picture of this awesome crane.

Later on we tried to finally get niki’s gpz500 working again

Nice paint job!

Lesson one: make sure engine works well before any paint jobs

lesson two: buy a honda

what needs a piece of wood to fix it?

the centre stand, no idea how the PO could have stood the racket the stand made as it clattered and banged off the chain and the swingarm. Perhaps that was why is was so cheap?

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