ep70 starlet, 4ef engine conversion. pt1.

I may regret starting this. but hey, the rear disc’s are hanging on just fine so if that turned out all right …


only thing i forgot to disconnect was the choke cable, you can even see it being stretched in the previous picture

Plenty of space there for a fwd bike engine setup, much like this geo, pity i don’t have the inclination for a fwd sports hatch back. maybe if i chopped the roof off.

With a 1:1 rear diff this layout could work for rwd’ing stuff that has no proper gearbox.(like hondas)

Somebody asked for photo’s you can just tune out if you don’t like it.

right this 4efe will be converted to a 4ef (that mean a carb instead of injection)

Injector holes need blocking up(1 cent coins and some glue?)

bottom pully is to be changed for lighter 1e item.(done)

ep70 1e engine mount will be used and that means taking off the cambelt cover(done)

twin pully was used for aircon. will my car have aircon? do i have a pair of tits?

1e pully on the left way way lighter, must be worth about 2bhp i reckon.

belt was lose, why is it not an auto adjuster?

4efe mount on the right and 1e on the left,the aluminium one is a lot lighter but there is no way i can use it with out chopping about the car. which is pointless coss i have one that works allready.

rxs100 first drive.


It lives! went for a blast up the road, nothing fell off and it seemed to carburate fine on a 120 main jet with the pipe and airfilter. foot pegs seem good gear change is impossible no nasty vibes from the handle bars (heavy bar ends doing there job) will get a number plate soon and sort proper insurance.


Ted was fixing this thing up, bloody noisy clutch.


Engine is ready to come out, had to jack it up like this and remove the wheels and disconnect the hubs to pull the CV joints free of the gearbox. Now it’s back on it’s wheel, will get engine out on thursday or friday, then steve said he’d help with bangin in the new engine.


Saw this outside local shop v6 mk2 capri. starmags for wheels i think?

Starlet off the road,RXS buzzing about the place.


New NCT laws state that i will get 5points on my license and probably a €1500 fine for not having an NCT. So it’s down the garden now, gotta fix it up with no money and either sell it or NCT it.


Why do custom builders have so much trouble with battery box’s?


Needed to get the positive battery wire up front now so, while it was chopped up i whipped out unnecessary wires.


Battery zip-tied in place, loom temporarily taped up.


Shocks have added a little height to the rear, quite happy with that.


So off i went drove it around the drive, can’t wait to get it out on the road.


Note the airbox? it’s just a tube i dug out of the garden, got a 48mm airbox/pod thing on the way along with the sava mc7 tyres. tube thing will be cut down to fit the airbox/pod thing on.

And with those steps forward, one step back is taken, there is another hole in the tank on the right side this time. once that’s glued up paint will be silver on the top fairings and a red frame with (probably) black wheels. What else? tail and head lights and brakes sorting out. Are they really needed?

head stem lengthening


€20 to make chop that and make up a piece to go in and align everything up


Chamfered everything for the welding



Lovely deep penetrated welds, quickly ground the excess back and slapped it on to the bike, i has a solid front end now!

Worked on the back end after that, nothing new done just loads of measuring.

Ted made a valid point today, my poor starlet is probably eleiglible for calssic insurance! this means i might spend some money and actually keep this car.

ep70 starlet rear disc conversion pt.3

Been a while, brake bleeding is a bitch.


Can’t be arsed with the original brake lines, there was two flexi lines and a hard line, replaced them with one single flexi line from the from of an Nissan almera.

Still have to chop off those old brake line mounts.


Note the hand brake cable is attached with a bolt with the right length shoulder to allow a free pivot, will have to drill a small hole and add a split pin later for safety.


Need to locate the brake line, probably weld the standard Nissan mount point onto the axle or i might come up with some thing else more simple.


It will look even better with matt black body paint, dark dark grey wheels and nuclear lime calipers.


When i saw this i though it was bent.


But as long as it’s bent on both sides, it good!


Only been for a short drive everything seems to track fine, so yea for my measuring tape skills, the added weight to the rear suspension did not seem noticeable, braking is fine no lookups but the right rear caliper is siezed so ymmv.

ep70 starlet rear disc conversion pt.2


Floor was not level, may be a bit inaccurate.


Both arms shorten by 81mm


Getting the hub on properly, each caliper mount takes four bolts (overkill, imo) one side needed a little work the other is fecked so another day ill get em in there.


Look like it’s in the right place this time!


Standard panhard rod should mount here..


..but i want it up here, need to shorten the linkage.


Technically it is possible to run it like this.


Only 2″ of ground clearance.


I’d like to place the point higher but this is as far as it goes.


Shortened the panhard rod by 8cm, made a kinda Z cut and shut job to give it strength.


After some measuring (!) i have it welded in place and painted up.


Complete! (brakes are another story)


Looking good! again some other day i will raise the body mount point for the panhard rod. Possibly after i find out the car crab’s like crazy every where. Adjustable panhard rod anyone?

ep70 starlet rear disc conversion.

Right, not getting that Carina, so can’t go changing the engine just yet, want to try and get it done before the 24th of this month but any way though I’d try and get a the rear disc’s on the car once and for all.

You can’t just throw on the hubs and discs from the turbo, the axle/stub is the wrong size, you may be able to find new bearing’s with the right size inner race but i didn’t have the money and i wanted to cut something up!

Before i starting i knew i had to reposition the panhard rod mount over to the other side of the suspension, there just in opposite places from each other on the ep80 and ep70.


Clever me decided to make sure the whole thing fitted with my 13″ wheels. They did by the way.


Panhard rod there in front of the rear axle, attached to the car on the left.


ep80 axle, panhard rod connector thingie on the left.


At this point i measured nearly everything ,axles length, bolt hole sizes, bushing spacing, arm width the lot.


looks like about an inch extra width, i can live with that.


ep70 rear axle for the chop




Some profiling will have to be done to get the stub on the axle, I want it a bit higher to raise the roll center and thus the roll resistance. but as high as I want it and it will clout the chassis so this will do.


It was all going great until this point. the one thing i didn’t measure was the arm length! both ep70 and 80 have the same wheelbase how stupid of me for assuming that the arm were the same length. Nearly chopped out the rear arch’s and turned it into a high rise off roading apoc car.


Then it feckin snowed. bumhats.


At this point i should have given up and either found the right type of axle or spent the money on new bearing to fit a ep70 axle. But sod it if i hadn’t spent the day writing out this plan and measuring everything and doing calculations and shite. Bastard was going on the car.


At least this weld turned out nice, I’ve spent to much time playing with our mig, arc welding is nice,

By the way as it turns out i needed to have the rear arm shortened by 79mm between the snow and moving indoors I had done it by 81mm, tomorrow i have to do the other arm and get it the right place vertically as well. Assuming i can get out there on my bike in the snow.

gl5 TGB delivery, and the cbr6

so i found out the tgb’s engine is a gl5. which means nothing. it’s probably a suzuki/morini engine so i ordered the part form a new zealand place, when it gets here i want it done soon, need the money.

Sticker nicked from sarges house. he’s never gonna own anything fast anyway.

got an f3 pipe for free, no dents in it or anything.

don’t fit though.

I think i see the problem..

cleaned my bike with a four star shirt 🙂 it was a really nice day weather wise

bugged front tire you’ll note, changed that later but it was too dark for photos then.

gsxr wheel fits onto cbr6 spindle and has a speedo drive unlike a cbr6 f3 wheel. problem is I don’t have a gsxr speedo drive either ….

rg125 wheel feels it loss

and inadequacy

and size.

The money shot, i love gunmetal grey.

I have about 3 rg125 front wheels and discs, so i think i will put them on the gsxr wheel, being slightly smaller will help with fitting. or maybe i won’t fit them at all, i don’t really need it but it looks sooo gooood!

what else?

the starlet engine swap will be started some because i will have to drive a carina around for a while, and while the starlet is sitting idle it will be the best time to surprise it. especially since it broke down twice last sunday 😀

tues..uh no..wednesday

yeah ya I’m lazy. fucking freezing garage, don’t think I’m eating enough.

started out with changing the jet between the 1e carb and the 4ef carb, main choke was 141 (up from 138) and the other one 103(from 102). not the small choke looks alot smaller on the right lower one? thats the 4ef carb.

Have loads of holes to fill, waaay to many vacuum tubes on a std 4ef.

Had what looked like an air temp sensor sticking out in the air stream. not any more.

Think I’ll put some chemical metal down there to block that hole and improve the flow.

carb on manifold hot action! gah this stupid carb is going in the bin, i’ll fit a 1.75″ SU. note the big shiny screw? that was where the start choke was. i never use it on the 1e and it’s just restricking up the tiny carb.

Been sitting there for over 2 years now..

Note where the top rad hose goes in here? see that casting that has no aperant purpose?

theres a big hole in the 4ef one, for a water temp sensor. it gets in the way of the vacuum advanced distributer.

I think that was the aircon pump. or the power steering pump. fecking heavy what ever it is.

So yeah not much done again, so cold out there. next week i think I’ll cover the cbr in plastic to protect my completely shagged hands. or not. meh. After Christmas gonna put the car on blocks for three days and put in the damn 4ef engine, it’s been over 2 years I’ve gone through loads of sodding garda checkpoints, there not interested in the fact i have no nct. whatever car i get/make next I won’t have that nct problem and cheap tax. Perhaps a post apoc car might draw a bit more attention (that turrent gun is not really very functional, officer) but hey, maybe if i pretend I’m a religious nut (church of post-apoc and survival anyone?) they’ll back off. yeah thrust pamphlets in there faces through the 3/4″ thick plate steel Armour/windows, or maybe pretends it’s an art car? (fakes blood and guts there are sir to be sure!)

So now again, not a morris minor i think, something with a seperate frame (non unibody) and has to be 30 years old to get cheap tax and nct exempt. if the apoc does come those last two things won’t matter. hope it comes quick then.

What The Hell to get?


didn’t do much,

tiny bit tired don’t you think? also fixed a brake light bulb and gave it a clean my mom is using it this weekend. it’s 0 degrees outside.

-11? ow, it’s -9 for me on the bike, i got ice on top of the box last night, 🙂 was tempted to make a snowball and throw it around the shop

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