oil pumps, master cylinders and spuds

Lately there has been some 3ma’s in the local ads so between myself an mick we have been trying to get a few parts together.

Turns out that mick has a spare wonky pump, that i could have for parts, great except i though mine was a differnt early pump.

Well i was wrong, there was just an extra bit of the pump stuck in the case, my pump is completely normal and it could be swapped for a 3xv one, sorted.

Bloody runner is acting up again, broke the 90* bend coming out of the top of the carb, it’s still leaking from the base gasket, the idle screw i think is still too short (26.abit mm from tip to end of threaded section) and my attempt to lengthen it failed from a dodgy aldi/lidi tap, and all the 6mm fuel lines are cracked. And it’s still drinking fuel.

The bajaj has been going well, here is the cbr6 14mm master cylinder and lever chucked onto it, the lever is very nice but it don’t fit 🙁

This is a kawasaki zrx400 rear master cylinder, 1/2″ or 12.7mm (top one in pic) much easier to mount, possibly the wrong size but we shall see soon, i’ve already paid the 100€ for hard lines and flexible hose’s to fit it all up, don’t have the pic of the final bit of welding to mount the master cylinder but it’s done. Just need rear brake lights and a few more wires soon.

Karen, a true irish cat wondering “where’s the spuds?”

more trikes, more bajaj

Got a pic of the quad or whats left of it, gonna fit that sexy monster swingarm to this to make a reverse trike, don’t like reverse trikes but it’s all cheap fun.

Needs lowering, also we found that the lt50 out back has the same 3/90 pcd as the chinese quad axle, we’re borrowing those wheel anywho!

Saw some fricking sweet atv wheels which NEED to be fitted to the bajaj, but thats for some other day, for now i just robbed an xt350 switch gear for the wiring loom, whipped the body off for more repairs then welded in extra steel to support the brake pedal.

Not much done really, did spend the day convincing ted we need those two honda 125 engines for our new trikes and that he had to buy them, and once he has them sure it’ll cost nothing to throw them together, they’d make excellent winter hacks!


Stuff done.

Well started fine tuning the runners jetting.

My pwk 24mm carb has:

Needle          JJH

Main jet        110

pilot              40

slide              3.1mm  tough to measure this

float height  18.8

Air Screw     2 turns out

The pilot is way too rich, at quarter throttle it’s four-stroking like mad and quarter throttle is from 0-80kmh, couldn’t find a 38 jet online so got a 36, may have to put the air screw out one turn, rather then an optimal 1.5, but with a 36 i should be able to get at least an idle.

Also found an injection kit which seems to be built on microsquirt, very interested.

Not much done to the bajaj, tried to get the drum off to check the brakes, didn’t wanna come, so i assume i need a proper diagram of how the front is supposed to come off or it’s rusted on. Got the wheel changed tho.

Busa tank is ready so got started on the fairing, rear posts for the light needed trimming but no other faults yet.

Nice ain’t it? you can see the hump paint don’t match.

bajaj head light

Bungie cord helping out here with test mounting of gsxf600 head light

Why a gsxf600 light? cause it was closest to hand.

Top is handily mounted on the tab for the plastic horn cover, tabs on the bottom were from the bits i cut off and re-welded back onto the arms. Job done.

Also sorted which wire stopped the engine, only after five minutes of wondering why the feck nothing worked until it dawned on me the rear harness was not attached to the front harness at all, doh!


Nice day, wasn’t it?

Same guy who bought that pita LC, bought this but was actually ok, just needed every single bolt tightened up and the clutch lever was fixed so the clutch could be adjusted properly.

150cc engine all aluminium frame massive brakes and pretty good suspension, head stock felt a little loose and the front tyre felt like the profile was too flat. I’d have one with a two stroke engine.

chopped all this up to make my computer table, will screw it together tomorrow.

Half fixed the rusty rear end of the tuktuk, will finish fixing it by continuing the chopping around the corner until it’s all solid.

Some news


Well i had job last week, i now know more about electric motors and i hate boss’s again.

So before i set off to work we fixed up choco’s R1 with some spares tyres, it fell off the jack and then choco fell off on the way home too (busy playing with the steering damper)

Still last week, i decided before i started work i could get to know a bit more about electricity, queue a massive 63cc two-stroke powered generator that could only cough out 650w

It made power fine but it was a bit unstable, so i pointed the finger at the capacitor. then put it back together

A week of work happen, got quite a sore wrist from it, not doing that again.

Some rs125’s show, up, this one has a 160 rear tyre, might do to roll about on with the gsxf600

Also moved into a new house aswell (busy? yeah) which had a weighing scales, promptly nicked and used to weight the bajaj, 202kg but the scales are out by 7.4% at best so it’s really 217kg and it still needs brakes and a roof and some more metal welded in. Might top out at 250kg i hope, still 100 kilo less then the info i found on the web. 350kg my ass.

Instead of properly fixing things, that will most likely need another pair of hand to do the lifting, decided a bit of cleaning and painting was in order

Still had to do some welding, used the bit of metal that used to hold down the seat to brace the passenger side holdy-iny-thingy

Then painted it red coz thats what was on top of the paint pile, phone cam can’t handle the redness but its alright actually

The bleeding wounds look was spoiled a bit when i accidentally brushed it up against a bush while moving it into the sun to dry. Am i bothered? no.

Will have to pick up some black paint again, and brake lines.


bajaj tuk tuk

First up i found an rxs engine stuffed into a ysr gag bike.

Guy who did the pocket rocket a while back, bought this a few years ago, there may be plans in the works…

like a proper expansion pipe at least.

Then i set about attacking the tuk tuk, gotta finish some of these projects!

immediately followed by a quick break to stare at the gxsf600, after decided against the rgf125 track bike (at least for mondello) and a quick look to confirm the cbr is missing way too many bits, the gsxf looks like its getting the chop, probably SRAD suspenders, pod filters, rs125/250 tail end maybe a wider cbr6 rear wheel, plenty of time for a decent rear tyre to turn up somewhere.

Back to work you! weld on the gear change pivot.

all done! gotta find a really coarse nut to fit on the bolt.

extra bits that needed chopping off.

Did it run? fuck yea! lined it up against the garage wall for safety, gingerly selected first, clutch works! bring up the rev and ease out the throttle… and away it goes in reverse AWAY from the safety wall! 😀

got a fair bit of poke, pull ted and myself up the hill no bothers, no body else around to take our pic tho 🙁

cables are terrible, so the gearchange is not the best, also the throw of the change is massive, bit of adjustment there needed, needs an airfilter it’s too lean to run with out a little choke, some brake hoses, a master cylinder(got a cbr one), window rubbers,  another hoop for the roof, a roof(canvas), some where to put my feet, some where to put my arse, bucket of paint, set of tyres, tax and insure.

I think it needs a built in bbq in the back, sausages burgers and biking anyone?

Nope didn’t start.

Chopped out a notch for the cable run. and that was pretty much all the hard work done.

Decided on a smaller seat, makes it easier to grab thing like the handbrake.

with the glass in there i think it’s gonna be a little tight.

The 8 m10’s i bought to bolt the body down were too big, so i didn’t. Monday i’ll get the proper m8’s

Did it start? no. carb is all gummed up from running upside down and frankly i’m bushed from working on it all week.

clean carb.

test spin by jamming into any gear.

weld in seat

figure out where to put the feet

then sort the brake pedal and the gear change.

close to test drive time

More done, headstock is all welded on four sides now.

chopped a few barely hanging on rusty panels off.

channel cut out for the start handle, not pretty but strong.

tested the handle to make sure it didn’t catch, flipping engine started while upside down! must sort a kill switch.

figured out that vespa’s don’t have a positive stop gear change, thats gonna be a right arse to fix. Tomorrow (if i can find first gear) its definitely test drive time, even bought new bolts to screw the body back on.

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