runner airbox mods

The mount i made up for the kart airbox on the runner, i knew wasn’t a perfect engineering solution, it was only secured by two points, and both those points were aligned in the wrong plane (up and down). So, i welded up the cracks again and added a strap.

Worked well, very stiff, can put alot more weight on it

The extra bracing on the upper part is a bit redundant now.

Did i mention i brought it to a dyno, and it made 2bhp more over stock? doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a round 8% moar power!

Just needs new tyres and to solid mount the engine, think i should get a 28mm carb and chuck the 24mm on the tuk tuk. Shopping!

the new year

Well the stephens day classic run went great, i didn’t break down, i got a go off of a dt230 and i avoided the rain. On the other hand the damp road flung lots of crap about the place and i fecked up all the photos i took.

you can look at the shots anyway on my mums picasa album.

mucky jacket:

Even got some in the airbox, got that cleaned up and installed some lighter rollers again since the jetting feels spot on.

Treated the scooter to some duck tape.

Had a quick spin into town today, massive improvement in acceleration, must get a proper pipe one day. fuel consumption is as bad as ever at 7.55L/100km, that was at the classic run, it’ll probably be worse now with the lighter rollers.

Jobs over

Made about 70 baskets and they were all gone in one night. spine is wrecked from bending over them.

This cbr6 is looking like it will never return to the road in a nice condition, so fingers crossed i get my paws on it and turn it into a dual sport for the Mongolian trip..

Today i put the 115 main jet in the runners PWK carb, couldn’t take it for a spin since i didn’t have any rain gear, but loading it on the rear brake and a quick spin on the gravel out to the back and there was no bogging and felt like there was a lot more power to, didn’t sound ‘wet’ or rich so finger crossed for the classic spin this sunday.

hopefully more updates soon, not a lot done recently.

More runner jetting

Well parts have finally come for the runner, the oko parts are much nicer (things like a proper seal on the air screw and it’s all brass not plated cheap metal) then the motoforce parts, when i get another one (possibly for the rxs) it’ll be an oko, none of this shit cheap copy of a copy of a copy.

Also fitted new fuel pipes and put a tiny drain hole at the bottom of the airbox, and went for a spin to the petrol station, took 11.33 litres to fill it, so about 11.5 litres for a full tank. after a longer spin with a 107 main jet installed the full throttle flat spot was worse so i’ve ordered a 112 and a 115 which should be spot on.

Got a bargain hayabusa clock cage, fairing fit great now, but i still need some tiny hard to find screws to finish the other side.

Great looking benly 125, first thing we talked about was how to make it something other than glacially slow. turbo rat rod bike?

oil pumps, master cylinders and spuds

Lately there has been some 3ma’s in the local ads so between myself an mick we have been trying to get a few parts together.

Turns out that mick has a spare wonky pump, that i could have for parts, great except i though mine was a differnt early pump.

Well i was wrong, there was just an extra bit of the pump stuck in the case, my pump is completely normal and it could be swapped for a 3xv one, sorted.

Bloody runner is acting up again, broke the 90* bend coming out of the top of the carb, it’s still leaking from the base gasket, the idle screw i think is still too short (26.abit mm from tip to end of threaded section) and my attempt to lengthen it failed from a dodgy aldi/lidi tap, and all the 6mm fuel lines are cracked. And it’s still drinking fuel.

The bajaj has been going well, here is the cbr6 14mm master cylinder and lever chucked onto it, the lever is very nice but it don’t fit 🙁

This is a kawasaki zrx400 rear master cylinder, 1/2″ or 12.7mm (top one in pic) much easier to mount, possibly the wrong size but we shall see soon, i’ve already paid the 100€ for hard lines and flexible hose’s to fit it all up, don’t have the pic of the final bit of welding to mount the master cylinder but it’s done. Just need rear brake lights and a few more wires soon.

Karen, a true irish cat wondering “where’s the spuds?”

Stuff done.

Well started fine tuning the runners jetting.

My pwk 24mm carb has:

Needle          JJH

Main jet        110

pilot              40

slide              3.1mm  tough to measure this

float height  18.8

Air Screw     2 turns out

The pilot is way too rich, at quarter throttle it’s four-stroking like mad and quarter throttle is from 0-80kmh, couldn’t find a 38 jet online so got a 36, may have to put the air screw out one turn, rather then an optimal 1.5, but with a 36 i should be able to get at least an idle.

Also found an injection kit which seems to be built on microsquirt, very interested.

Not much done to the bajaj, tried to get the drum off to check the brakes, didn’t wanna come, so i assume i need a proper diagram of how the front is supposed to come off or it’s rusted on. Got the wheel changed tho.

Busa tank is ready so got started on the fairing, rear posts for the light needed trimming but no other faults yet.

Nice ain’t it? you can see the hump paint don’t match.

Runner 180 Kart airbox

Well heres how it looked the other day.

Ended up putting back on the front mudguard , doesn’t suit the massive rear tail and i need that tail since i don’t want a wet arse.

More bits left over.

And this is where i left it to go to the..

..Munster 100! i sponsored a bail for that you know! this suzuki 250 below won the classic.

This suzook was some where down the field.

What the feck is a tsr250?


Anyways after the neighbour ciaran won the 650 race (passed him once on a track day) i got back to finishing the runner.

First up was to remove the superglue from the inlet, it was already cracked, but only on the outside. cheapy poo.

Then while i had some epoxy out i fixed up sarges old bandit cover, which will be handy for the gsxf track bike.

My modded kickstart got modded again back to standard so it wouldn’t hit the new airbox, with all the pies cut out of it it’s a bit shorter now, and i have to stand behind it to kick it properly again but at least i have a choke now.

The articule, very light, but beginning to think it really needs a big spring or rubber band to hold the airbox in place rather then the single bolt at the rear, very vibey these things so i’m not gonna be very surprised when that little tab at the back breaks.

How does it go? bloody well, needed to raise the needle for more fuel and what goes with more fuel? more air! the engine is getting more air then when it was just a filter, job done.

well i still have to run it in a bit more and then do proper flat out testing and jetting before it’s really job done. also i’ve scored a pm tuning head with slighty dodgey spark plug threads and the handling is still rubbish. so really not job done i suppose.

Runner 180 kart airbox

Made a thick adaptor to fit the airbox’s filter

Then with some fiddling about it’s pretty close to fitting, still had to use the heat gun to get some clearance around the rear tyre and a little bit more around the shock for good measure too.

Cardboard mock up of the brace, didn’t get any photos of it done in steel, needs another bit to give it full strength. Nice spot to put the number plate if i get rid of the rear splash guard. It looks a bit too wide but it goes no further then the passenger peg or the kick start.

The mudguard that was attached to the engine is gone, can’t be bothered cutting it up to suit, and it does feck all anyway

As you can see in the last pic, it should fit with out body mods, and it sounds perfect,just a hint of induction roar, will have to get the new job done, get the body work on and go for a proper test ride.

i can just get to the kickstart, mines modded to be a bit higher, but now i have a working choke with the oko so a standard lever would be ok now.

the runner the rxs and the tzr

Many updates today.

link pipe for the runner 180/kart airbox experiment has turned up, just have to dig the runner out now..

Got started on sorting the rxs fork. after some measureing i’l be taking 4cm off the length.

picture to remind me how to put them back together.

tzr gearchange lever needed lengthening to suit the aftermarket rearsets.

scrap paper calculations.

scrap metal for the chop

magnet holds it all together quite nicely while i weld.

20mm increase on the long part and 5mm on the short part, there should be no difference in lever throw and i can now change with my foot rather then my big toe nail.

then i sat around looking at this r6, i did not measure the front end to see if it would fit the cbr6….

Kart airbox, runner 180

well the airbox turned up, massive ain’t it?

got a free kart steering wheel cover as well, now if i just had a car to attach it to…

me thinks i have to attack the airbox with a heat gun to make it fit, and also probably get a filter with a straight neck.

there are so many thing i have that just need a little bit more work to finish off, i’ll never get anything finished in true timmy style..

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