new pipe for the Runner 180

Runner 180, snarkie email from PM tuning saying they couldn’t sell me an expansion pipe with out the silencer as that’s where the profits are, prompted me to buy a Jolly Moto instead, ha! no profits for you!
yes my wallet is very sore now but it was worth it. Decent reviews of it too.

Got some ants in my pants last week and instead of throwing out all the cardboard from the new house, i built an arcade machine out if it!





cad to cam, it’s all about the cardboard.

Also couldn’t find my measuring tape at the time, so i came up with a new standard of one jvc remote width, which roughly equates to 1.5 hogs feet.


Trackday tomorrow, will the cbr survive? will they let me on the track? will i be a funny crash picture in next months work letter?

IMG_20150619_144857 IMG_20150619_144847

Zero titles given.

Xl’s carb is clean,all thats left before i attempt to start it is one wire and some engine oil.


Took the thicker bros 400 top tee piece to use with the cbr,


Gave it a lick of paint, this will fit on my cbr and give me Mx bars. where to attach them is a whole other problem.


Front bearings

So they died again, lasted the summer, something maybe a bit worn out in the front end.

PHOTO_20140806_100239 PHOTO_20140806_102909

So the only thing to do is get another bike, off to the scrappy now,


sprained my wrist, goosed the rad cap again, broke brake lever and ruined the frame paint! entirely my fault not the extra speed, cold tires, crap brakes, crap suspension and second hand tires at all…..

rPHOTO_20140420_150022 rPHOTO_20140420_150030

but more importantly i broke the little glass jar that i kept my drinking chocolate in šŸ™


also i suppose i bananaed my sony xperia, still works tho, so now i’ll have to paint it yellow…..

cbr, bloody valves

So the other day after i changed the front tyre, the rear went flat while i was speeding to work, que two days of driving the chromtastic cb550 before i got the spare time for cbr6 shenanigans.

ted got the supermoto wheels off the dominator,


Apart the obvious chain chewing, it not a street tyre, not much point in putting it on when it’ll be ripped up too quickly.


Luckily, it was only the valve, stupid thing is too long and the metal neck flops about the place.


So what else is buggered up? the carrier bearing AGAIN and my underused rear brake rusted up in pretty much every fucking place.


Probably need a new one of these…


Ah feckit, often do i use the rear brake anywho?


Cleaned, greased and ready to roll for just until i get the yzf on the road which right after i will chop the shit outa the poor cbr. i mean it this time!


mechanics work out

changing tyres, whole lotta grunting going on. you can’t see it but the tyre is cracked as well as worn.



Newish michelin pilot power, and some front wheel bearings.



Painted the tank badly, but that’s ok, you can’t see it under the truck šŸ™‚


cbr6 gets some love

Yep really leaky now.

Single Sided Funny Front End?

Arty shot win, camera fail. ought to do a photo shoot with a real camera soon, before it get mangulated again.

Next week should be YZF love time.

Getting ready for winter.

Honda 50cc trails bike, so tinchy. only let down on this jewel is the steel rims.

TDR pipes have arrived! got em for ā‚¬112, bargain!

Dug out the xtdr.

They miss the tank and the petrol tap, the hardest to mod, the frame how ever is getting the chop, no biggie, it’s all ready mauled.

New tyres all round again for me, pirelli dragon evo 150/60, whipped off a sumo bike that seemed never to have been leant over? lots of chewing up in the centre section from engine braking.ā‚¬60 bargain.

I though i had a dragon evo front to match, but no it’s actually a dragon supercorsa, yay more track tyres in winter.

Also fitted the black exhaust pipe, quite on idle, raspy on accel and the fueling is right again. Gotta fit a new fork seal next week no excuses!


went a bit mad in work,Ā stencilledĀ up a 22″ harry, karols shirt and my bike, had to draw the line at the work van andĀ juniorsĀ car..

10 hour day? pfft!

Got my spare rear fitted after work hours today, it’s weird seeing a clean wheel. Nice that this dunlop 160 fits the rim unlike the michelinĀ 160, massiveĀ differenceĀ in width.

yuckie effluent.

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