New Computer time..

Big quad core processor, 4 GB of ram, big PSU and a shiny new motherboard to hold it all together, The nvidia 7300gt will have to hold on for now until some more money appears.

First i needed to pick the chassis with the least working bits in it, which is of course the one buried under the rest of the computers..

two DAYS later it all goes back in. Simply build a PC? i laugh at your naivety!

Architect of all this misery and pain? a duff PSU, it would power up fine but there would be no POST beeps and just a blank screen of nothing, right now i’m using an old 300w PSU, not much use if i want to overclock the old 7300gt.

Gotta get back to the fiddling with bikes soon.

Why a runner blows up.

The root cause was the water pump not being turned any more, weather it was the bolts falling out of the oil pump causing the wheel not to engage the pump or the wheel wearing out then the bolts falling off the oil pump I’m not sure which happened first. Parts are on the way anyway from should be here next week.

rotax 123 barrel on runner 180 cases? i wish

Inlet envy..

I Will get this thing rolling tomorrow, i must!

In anticipation of fiddling with the carb i’ve put back in the standard 15.5g (i think there that weight anyway) rollers, slower ratio changes make it easier to diagnose problems.

Hard Work Sucks!

Back breaking sweating under the sun hauling machines about the place (both cb650’s are frag now)

but i got there in the end.

Space for the start of my new empire! (aka the new shed)

think i might repair the rg125’s rusty tank problem with this mito tank, can’t think of anything else to do with it.

Another pet?

He’s called… Jack Shaft. pet cootie.

well that was a nice race

well the 2012 race regs are out tomorrow at 8am, seems the bikes next year have to be 100% standard, no fun 🙁 AND i can’t afford to, to find all those plastics and little fiddly bits to make a standard bike for racing? poo

Went back to the 50 head, pretty basic, made 3rd place tho, first place guys did a legger asap very suspicious.

The wilsons 90, nearly won.

€40 inner rotor kit, works well.

got more of the jeep done, tca’s had to come out to fit the leg, grr.

off to the race’s

provisions consists of home made cider

sarge swapped the €3500 gold wing sidecar for this pile.

can you see whats wrong with this rectifier?

May still be hope for an endurance race at watergrasshill, hope theres a silhouette class.

Also starting work experience next week, want the money but don’t want the work lol

No category or tags until the race is done

Some more

Can’t see it very well but there is a bit shaved off these gears, right where the rotational forces are greatest. Mate did it for free 🙂

and a bit more this morning got us a spark and a working exhaust.

No category or tags until the race is done

Bit more done the other day

holes in everything and a seized center stand.

chop out the stand weld in the left over bit of the axle, hope the brake lever doesn’t break.

More holes, the rear torque arm has a guide/bung welded to it to allow a cable to work the rear brake, so we have a rear brake lever and a rear brake pedal, handy if you’ve no right leg.

Swing arm ready for painting.

Nsr50, going to receive an 80 engine, other then the engine it’s a totally different animal.

No category or tags until the race is done

Some fifty tuning

Most importantly the paint scheme has been selected, a joey dunlop traditional yellow with black pin strips. worth 5bhp at least.

50cc bore and stroke with c90 head installed, fuck all compression ratio and no squish band. but he won’t fix it since he plans to run the 70 class next year and doesn’t have a spare head.

selection of heads, bottom left is the fifty head, it’s got 19in/13ex valves minuscule, all the other heads have 25in/22ex, the very early 90 head (top left) has a flat face with no squish band and would be perfect except the its the older cam in head design and the race for the cam is magnificently worn out.

Difference in inlet porting.

older style piston on the right would be brilliant if we could get a cam chain length to match the appropriately heightened barrel (piston is from the pushrod 50)

the shocks from my rxs have found a temporary new home.

Racing tyres,

pro: sticky, peaky profile might give us less drag on the straights, out psych the competition.

con: quite heavy, probably the wrong size, will tear the chassis to shreds in a hard corner

Last years trophy.

tt-01 9.6v first bash

body wasn’t wide enough to fit over the wheels.

so i just gave up on the idea and quickly slashed open the wheel archs

High mounted it for the high speed off road rally look.

And went and had a little fun! i love the handling, steering is worth nothing it’s all done on the throttle, the diffs are wide open so it’s defeated by pebbles, crap got every where, needs a protective tub, even with a larger 9.6v battery pack wedged in there on it side high the handling wasn’t really affected mostly i think because the tyres are so rock solid and lacking in grip, some longer shock and proper steering joints will improve the whole car lending it a more scale dirt rally look to the handling.

I did the wheels better by running the marker over them while running the engine, much better looking (i’ll get pics some other day)

Only thing annoying me now is the remote, the one on the left is working fine but it’s tiny and my finger can fall off the brake trigger, the carisma one just glitches for no reason. Maybe the guts can be transferred?

Saw an rmx250 on gumtree the other day, nearly had a bikgasam, would it be better than a gsxr1100?


Well that’s meant to be a servo saver, 15 days i waited and all i got was a screw?! it’s the screw’s fault it fell out of the package!. waiting for the ebay seller M.K.Models to get back to me, fingers crossed.

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