rg125f engine destruction

Tis grand! bit of diesel and off we go!

lol nein. got other projects that need attention first, then we’ll spend a bunch and fix that engine right up. and tune it of course.

so the really really boring part


yep cleaning and sanding and filling and organizing my spanners. I’M NOT OLD OK!? just had an off day, it was raining.

I did mount the old rg tank at least, like a trophy. ūüôā

slinging a SBC like my 8 core odroid into it will be easy, but it’ll need slinky heavy metal hoses to house various cables, gotta have the look right.

omg work done!

Great weather for pulling the runner 180 out of the shed and trashing it.


Pity the runners water pump disagreed, typical.


‚ā¨99.99 inverter welder from lidl, always wanted one, fingers crossed it’s not shite.


See that roll bar? entirely full of water. holes on top, no holes on the bottom.


Did get the tub off finally, all things are in a terrible state, so what ever happens next landrover types will be offended anyway!


start ya bastard


Yzf runs! manually fed the carbs with a funnel and attached a battery directly to the starter motor, will attempt to put it together next day i have off.


bike insurance is up, so i’m tempted to retire the cbr and make the yzf my main road bike. many break downs will occur.

Always wanted to take a shot of a stock corsa next to mine. amazing how you see the same colour car as your own all the time, despite thinking to your mind no one in their right mind would buy a car this colour. Finally tracked this bugger down, and i had my camera on me this time.

20150705-16-46-04 20150705-16-46-28 20150705-16-45-24 20150705-16-45-42

Tall isn’t it? if i could only find a three door in this shade dropped to the floor..

racing fiftys and restoring 7fiftys

So nifty fifty 2015 race report, it’s not good people, first i got a camping stove so that i wouldn’t smoke out brahams van. then brahams van died, so i stayed in a B&B with stephen.


morning of the race..


race was a complete fail. the transponder was flaky, the tyres had 30psi in them from the new years day run, i fell off, braham fell off, i was 7 seconds off, dropped tyre pressure to 24psi instead of 20 thinking the tyre was hot, not quite enough but better, at the end of the day i took the last 15 minutes of the race and got down to a 1.32, still two seconds off but lessons learned for next year.

Next important thing is the fix up the yzf750, gotta do some trackdays, yzf is perfect.

Decided to change the front wheel, i knew it was cracked and had been welded very well, but it leaked and anywho i had a better wheel. Also reason to change from badly painted orange wheel to yellow, mismatched lurid wheels are so 90’s right?



no contest in the end there was only one yellow at halfords and i can’t be arsed to go any further, on with the white primer and soon on with the fiat bloom yellow.


More bits lost, fucking clueless as to where everything is. they have to be in a bucket somewhere!


this upper bar is supposed to be horizontal as far as i can tell from yamaha brochures. i’ll weld it up when it’s back on its wheels and the body work is going on


Future bajacorsa tube bumper?


oil pumps, master cylinders and spuds

Lately there has been some 3ma’s in the local ads so between myself an mick we have been trying to get a few parts together.

Turns out that mick has a spare wonky pump, that i could have for parts, great except i though mine was a differnt early pump.

Well i was wrong, there was just an extra bit of the pump stuck in the case, my pump is completely normal and it could be swapped for a 3xv one, sorted.

Bloody runner is acting up again, broke the 90* bend coming out of the top of the carb, it’s still leaking from the base gasket, the idle screw i¬†think¬†is still too short (26.abit mm from tip to end of threaded section) and my attempt to lengthen it failed from a¬†dodgy¬†aldi/lidi tap, and all the 6mm fuel lines are cracked. And it’s still drinking fuel.

The bajaj has been going well, here is the cbr6 14mm master cylinder and lever chucked onto it, the lever is very nice but it don’t fit ūüôĀ

This is a kawasaki zrx400 rear master¬†cylinder, 1/2″ or 12.7mm (top one in pic) much easier to mount,¬†possibly¬†the wrong size but we shall see soon, i’ve already paid the 100‚ā¨ for hard lines and flexible hose’s to fit it all up, don’t have the pic of the final bit of welding to mount the master cylinder but it’s done. Just need rear brake lights and a few more wires soon.

Karen, a true irish cat wondering “where’s the spuds?”

New Computer time..

Big quad core processor, 4 GB of ram, big PSU and a shiny new motherboard to hold it all together, The nvidia 7300gt will have to hold on for now until some more money appears.

First i needed to pick the chassis with the least working bits in it, which is of course the one buried under the rest of the computers..

two DAYS later it all goes back in. Simply build a PC? i laugh at your naivety!

Architect¬†of all this misery and pain? a duff PSU, it would power up fine but there would be no POST beeps and just a blank screen of nothing, right now i’m¬†using¬†an old 300w PSU, not much use if i want to overclock the old 7300gt.

Gotta get back to the fiddling with bikes soon.

Why a runner blows up.

The root cause was the water pump not being turned any more, weather it was the bolts¬†falling¬†out of the oil pump causing the wheel not to engage the pump or the wheel wearing out then the bolts¬†falling¬†off the oil pump¬†I’m¬†not sure which happened first. Parts are on the way anyway from¬†http://www.psntuning.co.uk/ should be here next week.

rotax 123 barrel on runner 180 cases? i wish

Inlet envy..

I Will get this thing rolling tomorrow, i must!

In¬†anticipation¬†of fiddling with the carb i’ve put back in the standard 15.5g (i think there that weight anyway) rollers, slower ratio changes make it easier to¬†diagnose¬†problems.

Hard Work Sucks!

Back breaking sweating under the sun hauling machines about the place (both cb650’s are frag now)

but i got there in the end.

Space for the start of my new empire! (aka the new shed)

think i might repair the rg125’s rusty tank problem with this mito tank, can’t think of anything else to do with it.

Another pet?

He’s called… Jack Shaft. pet cootie.

well that was a nice race

well the 2012 race regs are out tomorrow at 8am, seems the bikes next year have to be 100% standard, no fun ūüôĀ AND i can’t afford to, to find all those plastics and little fiddly bits to make a standard bike for racing? poo

Went back to the 50 head, pretty basic, made 3rd place tho, first place guys did a legger asap very suspicious.

The wilsons 90, nearly won.

‚ā¨40 inner rotor kit, works well.

got more of the jeep done, tca’s had to come out to fit the leg, grr.

off to the race’s

provisions consists of home made cider

sarge swapped the ‚ā¨3500 gold wing sidecar for this pile.

can you see whats wrong with this rectifier?

May still be hope for an endurance race at watergrasshill, hope theres a silhouette class.

Also starting work experience next week, want the money but don’t want the work lol

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